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How do I check-in?
There is no check-in. Players registered will be paired for round one. No-shows will be removed and their opponents paired with others.
What if we arrive too late for round one?
Late arrivals may check-in at the Information Booth during round one for pairing in round two.

Q: Is there any onsite parking in the Convention Center and how much will it cost ?
A: There is a great deal of parking within a few blocks of the convention center. Expect to pay from $5 to $10 for the day. If you are willing to walk 8 to 10 blocks is it possible to find free street side parking.

What divisions are there for team trophies? My son is in Kindergarten so I was wondering if he can compete on a team.
A: Team divisions are 1-3, and 4-6 per the WSECC rules. Kindergarten children do not compete as part of a team at the state tournament. Team scores are the top five players in each division. Although each grade is a separate section for individual play, grades 1-6 are divided into two sections for team scoring.
Q: How many children does it take to qualify as a team for each of the divisions?
A: Team scores are the top five players in each division. Although each grade is a separate section for individual play, grades 1-6 are divided into two sections for team scoring.

Do I need to order both a team table and a certain number of seats?
A: Buy ten seats and you will get one table. Order individual seats if you need fewer than ten chairs. All seats are at tables.

HOW TO BUY TEAM SEATS for TABLES - in the words of the registration provider
1. The coach needs an entry for himself in the database, if he has played in tournaments previously he should already have one, if not create one.
2. Set your school code to the school where you coach.
3. If you coach multiple schools and are ordering team seats for multiple schools, create a separate database record for each school, set your name to First Name Last Name I, First Name Last Name II, etc.
4. Click the Register button for our tournament, enter your last name, select yourself from the list, then click Register, and enter your password.
5. Select the section “Directors and Coaches”, Next, Next. Entry fee will show as $0.00.
6. Enter the team seats for this school, Next, Submit. You can now pay via PayPal or mail in a check.
7. Back on the roster page, click Show Team seats - your seats will show in the list assigned to your school.
    Don't kill the messenger!

Will people who buy seats be automatically seated together with others from the same school?
All orders for seats will automatically be grouped by school, regardless of who buys the seats. If a coach or parent organizer does purchase seats, they need to enter the correct  school code.

Q: My 5th grader will be playing at the State Elementary Tournament. Will those games affect his USCF rating, or just the NWRS one?
A: We are not reporting results to USCF. This tournament is rated only by NW Rating Service.

Q: What is the exact chess clock setting for the Elementary section?
A: The time control for K-6 is G/30. The game must be completed in one hour. Clocks are only used for games that continue past 40 minutes, at which time a clock is placed on at the games with 10 minutes showing on each person's clock.

We are attending as a family with three younger non playing siblings. Purchasing 6 seats for our family for $30 seems a little too much. Are we allowed to bring our own chairs and a small card/laptop table? Will there be room to put down a blanket or something for little kids to sit on?
A: You cannot bring chairs or tables. A blanket for the floor, for babies, is no problem.

Will there be art/craft activities for different ages?
A: Yes K-6

Q: None of my other kids are old enough to be in school. Will they be allowed to participate as well?
A: Yes. Preschool chess players may sign up for I Love Chess Too Tournament. We cannot guarantee there will be enough entrants for a section. A parent must be available to monitor behavior.

Also, is registration required for the jumping castle?
A: Yes, registeraton is required for all events.

In the past we have had to buy food ahead of time. How is that being handled at the Spokane 2015 state tournament?
A: Food is available at a food court provided by the Spokane Convention Center and will be open all day both Friday and Saturday. Prices will be reasonable. And there are many restaurants within a few blocks walking distance. Food is NOT allowing to be brought into the Convetion Center.
ALLERGIES: People with food alergies may bring food into the event. If anyone is stopped by the Convention People on their way in, send word immediately to the Information Booth. 509-822-9800 We will solve the problem.

Q: I have a daughter and would like to ask one question: Will the boys and girls play together or separately?
A: Yes together. All events are open to boys and girls and they play together.